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Artist: RPWL
Title Of Album: Plays Pink Floyd's "The Man And The Journey"
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Gentle Art Of Music
Country: Germany
Genre: Psychedelic rock,Progressive rock
Quality: Gentle Art Of Music
Video: MPEG2 Video / 720x576 / 16:9 / 25fp / 8 000 Kbps
Audio2: DTS / 48kHz / 6ch / 768kbps
Audio3: AC3 / 48kHz / 6ch / 448kbps
Audio: AC3 / 48kHz / 2ch / 320kbps
Time: 01:19:19
Full Size: 5.1 GB

‘The Man And The Journey’ was an early PINK FLOYD concept album that never made it on to a sound carrier, but now it has via RPWL the band that made a career out of being an amazing FLOYD tribute band as well as a fantastic band in their own right that creates their own original brand of FLOYD-influenced art-rock!
The Man And The Journey’ show filmed and recorded during a performance in the Netherlands, at “De Cacaofabriek” in Helmond.
The 1st part of the show sees the band lay out the regular course of a person’s day.
The 2nd part consists of the dreamlike spiritual contemplation of all the things that happened in part 1.
In the process the musical implementation proves extremely imaginative; during ‘Work’ all kinds of utensils create sounds – even a toolbox is made to come to life musically. On songs like: ‘Nightmare’ – the song that later became famous as ‘Cymbaline’ – the band amazes with fascinating ensemble playing. The improvised solos do not only show the individual virtuosity of the respective band member in breathtaking manner, but they also demonstrate the degree of ease with which the band manages to master the atmospheric, dynamic and sound-related hurdles hidden in this extraordinary example of early psychedelic music. The magnificent and perfectly embedded visuals further enhance the artistic experience; they beautifully accompany the band as well as the audience on this journey through the early works of PINK FLOYD.

Part I: The Man
01. Daybreak - Pt. I
02. Work
03. Afternoon
04. Doing It
05. Sleep
06. Nightmare
07. Daybreak - Pt. II

Part II: The Journey
08. The Beginning
09. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep
10. Narrow Way
11. Pink Jungle
12. Labyrinths Of Auximines
13. Behold The Temple Of Light
14. End Of The Beginning

Yogi Lang - vocals,keyboards
Kalle Wallner - guitar,vocals
Markus Jehle - keyboards
Werner Taus - bass,vocals
Marc Turiaux - drums



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